Juicing Service

Have you got more apples than you could possibly eat? If you sit too long under your apple trees do you risk a bump or two on the head? Well don’t fear, we are here to help!

Our custom made press loves squishing apples, and it is pretty quick at it too. So if you would like your apples turned into delicious pasteurised juice, or if you fancy a go at making your own cider, just let us know.

We will happily press small amounts for you, but the smallest amount we can practically press would be around 48kg – four full boxes like those in the picture below.

Delicious ripe discovery apples!

Juicy apples like these Discoveries will happily return around one bottle of juice per kilogram of apples. Drier apples like Russets are a little less generous.

Apples for juicing must be picked from the tree. They need to be ripe – but not overly, as this will make the juice very cloudy. No windfalls are allowed as it may ruin your juice. They need to be picked into clean untreated containers (for smaller quantities, suitable cardboard boxes can be easily collected from supermarkets). We bottle juice into 750ml bottles and twelve of these fit in a box.

Trays of apple juice ready for pastuerising

If you are a cider maker, and would like your juice returned in barrels, or even large 600l tanks for cider making, we can supply these too. Just email us at enquiries@MerrylegsAppleJuice.co.uk to let us know what you would like to do!

Here’s what some of our customers have said about our pressing service:

This year was a bumper year for our Apple 🍏 harvest and we were fortunate enough to find Nick at Merrylegs Apple Juice to press, pasteurise and bottle over 300 bottles for us.
As we live nearby it was so convenient and Nick is so helpful and knowledgeable about all things Apple that we learnt a lot about the whole process.
A fantastic service at a great price and best of all lots of delicious Apple Juice to get us through the Winter months.
We look forward to using Nick again for next years harvest.
Keeping it local !

Paul and Sarah, Barton, Warwickshire

I can thoroughly recommend the friendly and efficient service that Merrylegs provides. We had some dessert apples pressed and bottled by Nick and his team and we are still enjoying our lovely fresh (pasteurised) apple juice and passing it to our family who have all been very impressed by it! We also had some cider apples and cookers pressed and I have made cider with them! …. we’ll be back next summer no doubt!

Simon Edwards, Warwickshire




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